PM5 Series PM-5 Ultra High Accuracy Portable Digital OLED Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Meter Through Paint & Coatings, super high resolution

  • Model: M00032
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  • High precision, 0.0001 inch resolution with Through Paint & Coatings Function
  • Real time A scan with adjustable gain, range, blanking, and Time based B-scan for absolute correctness
  • Especially fits for ultrathin work piece, measure down to 0.008''
  • Up to 35 hours operating time with two AA alkaline batteries
  • Unique multiple-wave verify mode, all the thickness values have been checked through 3 to 9 times of echos


  • Gain:Real time continuously adjustable, adjustable range 41dB
  • Measuring Resolution:0.0001inch
  • Material VelocityRange:0.0197-0.3937in/us
  • Units:Inch or Millimeter
  • Language:Chinese, English, French, Germany, Japanese
  • Power:2 AA size batteries, Operating time is more than 35 hours
  • Working Temperature: 14°F ~122°F
  • Size:6'' × 3'' ×1.5''(H ×W ×D)
  • Weight:280g including batteries
  • Battery and Couplant are Prohibited Goods by Air