Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge 128×64 dot matrix LCD with EL backlight 0.75-300mm (Depends on probes)

  • Model: M00046
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  • It has the function of probe zero calibration and two point calibration, and can correct the system error automatically
  • The utility model has the function of indicating the remaining quantity of electricity, and can display the residual power of the battery in real time, and has the functions of automatic sleep, automatic shutdown, etc.
  • There are two thickness measuring modes of single point thickness measurement and scanning thickness measurement
  • The upper and lower limits of the thickness value can be set in advance, and the automatic alarm is out of range
  • The sealed metal housing is compact, portable and reliable, suitable for harsh operating conditions, against vibration, shock and electromagnetic drying


  • *Measuring range: 0.75-300mm (Depends on probes)
  • *Resolution:0.1/0.01mm
  • *Accuracy:±0.05mm(?10mm);(±0.5%H+0.01)mm(>10mm); H refer to the thickness of workpiece
  • *Communication storage:RS232 (USB communication cable is Optional Accessories)
  • *Working time:100h (EL backlight off).
  • *Sound Velocity:1000~9999 m/s
  • *Main unit weight:345g
  • *Dimensions:132mm × 76mm× 32mm
  • *Power supply: two 5 (AA size) alkaline batteries(Battery not included in the package)